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Campus Behavior Coordinators

As mandated by Senate Bill 107, 84th legislature, TEC 37.0012, each campus must have a staff person designated as the Campus Behavior Coordinator to maintain student discipline and implement relevant policies. Below is a directory of Campus Behavior Coordinators in Longview Independent School District, their names, email addresses, and phone numbers:

Longview High School

Early Graduation High School (LEAD)

Forest Park Middle

Foster Middle

Judson Middle

Bailey Elementary

Bramlette Elementary

Hudson PEP Elementary

Johnston-McQueen Elementary

Everhart Elementary

Ware Elementary

Williams Elementary

Montessori Prep Academy

Parents or students who need to contact their respective Campus Behavior Coordinator may use the provided contact information for each campus listed above.

Longview Independent School District is committed to supporting the educational success of its students by promoting a positive and safe school climate.

For more information or questions, please email or call 903-381-2200.