The District requires completion of a registration form containing information on the student seeking admission. Students must reside within the attendance zone of the school for which they seek admission. Residency must be established by the school through a recent utility bill showing the address. Otherwise, parents/guardians must complete a Statement of Dual Residence Form. Please contact the LISD Welcome Center for a Statement of Dual-Residency form via email at or call 903-381-2200. 

Eligibility Age/Residence

A student is eligible to enter the District if he/she meets the following age and residence requirements.


  • Prior to age 5 as determined by eligibility requirements for specific programs. (Students younger than age 5 who do not qualify for special education services must be toilet trained.)
  • Five (5) years of age on or before September 1 - Kindergarten
  • Six (6) years of age on or before the first day of the school year - First Grade
  • If a student moves into the District from a public school in another state and has been enrolled in the first grade in that state or has completed public kindergarten, he/she is eligible to be enrolled in the first grade and carried as an eligible first grade student for the full school term. The term "enrolled" means actually receiving instruction by attendance in a public school rather than enrolled prior to receiving instruction.
  • Six (6) years of age on or before September 1 - Special Education - (at birth if visually or auditorily impaired) Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities.
  • Twenty-one (21) years of age on or before September 1


  • The child and either parent reside in the District or the school attendance zone for which he/she seeks admission.
  • The child and his guardian or other person having lawful control under an order of a court reside in the District.
  • The child has established a separate residence in the District apart from his parent, guardian, or other person having lawful control under an order of a court and has demonstrated to the Board's satisfaction that his presence in the District is not for the primary purpose of participation in extracurricular activities.
  • The child is homeless, as defined by federal law, regardless of the residence of the child, either parent, or the child's guardian or other person having lawful control.
  • The child is a foreign exchange student placed, by a nationally recognized foreign exchange program, with a host family that resides in the District. Note: The District is not authorized to accept students on an I-20 form.
  • The child is in foster care by an agency of the state or a political subdivision, and whose foster parents reside in the District.
  • The child is enrolled in high school in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12, and who is placed in temporary foster care by the Department of Human Services at a residence outside the District, is entitled to complete high school at the school in which the student was enrolled at the time of placement without payment of tuition.

Designation of Person Standing in Parental Relation

The District will request that a Power of Attorney be provided for any student not currently residing with a parent or guardian. [See Exhibits C and D] The District will establish a time line for the completion and return of the Power of Attorney and a procedure for waiving this request when the Superintendent determines that a student's circumstances preclude compliance.

Children Under 11 Years of Age

When a child under the age of 11 years old is enrolled for the first time, the District will request previous school records (or verification of previous school records if records are provided by the person enrolling the child). If the person enrolling the child does not provide the valid prior school information and a certified copy of the child's birth certificate or other reliable proof of the child's identity, the principal or designee will notify the appropriate local law enforcement agency.

Flagging Records of Missing Children 

School records of all children reported to the District as missing by law enforcement authorities will be flagged so that law enforcement can be notified if there is a subsequent request for those records. If a request for a flagged record is made in person, the school will require the person to fill out a form stating the person's name, address, telephone number, the relationship to the child, and the name, address, and birth date of the child, copy the person's driver's license, and immediately notify law enforcement. When a missing child under 11 is returned and law enforcement notifies the school, the flag will be removed.


At the beginning of each school year each campus will verify enrollment data by following these procedures:

  1. Obtain Enrollment Verification forms from the Computing Services Department and a copy of the parent cover letter.
  2. Determine the method your campus will use to have the forms completed. Recommended: High school students - complete; middle school - mail out (Computer Services Department will provide labels) or send with students; to be completed by parents; elementary school - send with students to be completed by parents.
  3. Follow up on any forms not returned within a reasonable time (5 to 10 days).

Verification by Mail

During the school year, each campus will verify student residence by following these procedures.

  1. Approximately two weeks before the end of the first reporting period, each campus will mail home a letter to the parents providing a list of campus activities, a calendar of events or other information that is useful.
  2. he labels for the addresses will be furnished to each school by the Computing Services Department.
  3. Those envelopes that are returned will then require the building principal to check the residence of the students.
  4. Students who are not in the appropriate attendance zone or do not reside in the district shall be referred to the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.