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Advisory Committee

On May 4, 2024, Longview ISD voters approved all five propositions in the $456.2 million bond election. The bond will address aging infrastructure, add new facilities, and fund building upgrades and construction.

As the district moves forward with planning and implementation, it will ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency throughout the process.  

To this end, Longview ISD is forming a 2024 Bond Advisory Committee consisting of families, business owners, staffers, retirees, alumni, and other LISD community members. The committee will meet regularly to discuss questions and concerns related to the bond projects.

Its key responsibilities will include reviewing and providing feedback on various aspects of the process, such as renderings, architectural plans, schematics, and more. The committee will offer diverse perspectives and identify potential areas of oversight that staff and contractors might not have considered.

The ultimate goal is to foster community buy-in and expand the base of support for Longview ISD's long-term and ongoing facility improvement efforts.

Got questions? LISD Community Relations is facilitating the 2024 Bond Advisory Committee and for more information please contact them via email at or call at 903-381-2235

Role & Responsibilities

It's important to clarify that the Bond Advisory Committee will serve in an advisory capacity. While the committee will not hold any formal decision-making authority to approve or reject specific aspects of bond projects, their input will carry significant weight.

The administration deeply values the diverse perspectives represented on the committee. All feedback, concerns, and recommendations provided will be given thorough consideration. The committee's insights will play a vital role in shaping project plans and decisions.

Furthermore, the administration is committed to maintaining transparency in this process. Committee feedback deemed substantive will be documented and shared with the Board of Trustees as they deliberate and vote on bond-related agenda items.

This collaborative approach ensures community voices are amplified while still respecting the formal authority of the elected Board of Trustees. The ultimate goal is judicious stewardship of bond funds aligned with Longview ISD's vision and the community's best interests.

Committee Membership

The committee's membership will encompass individuals representing a wide range of interests and perspectives within the Longview ISD community. This includes those who actively supported the bond measure, generously contributing their time, resources, and finances to ensure its passage.

Additionally, the committee will welcome those who supported the propositions but did not necessarily participate in campaign efforts. Their perspectives will be valued alongside those who were actively involved.  

Importantly, the membership will also extend to individuals who may have been skeptical or did not initially support the bond propositions. Their perspectives are welcomed as part of an inclusive dialogue aimed at better understanding all viewpoints within the community. This committee will facilitate open and productive discussions without any predetermined expectations.

The overarching goal is to build a diverse coalition unified in their commitment to Longview ISD's future success. By bringing together perspectives that span the spectrum of viewpoints, the committee aims to foster a spirit of cooperation and cultivate a broad base of support for the interests of the students, staff, and greater Longview ISD community. .


Bond Advisory Committee meetings will be conducted in a respectful and collaborative manner. Members will approach discussions with an open mind and a willingness to consider different viewpoints.

All members are expected to prioritize the best interests of Longview ISD students and the community. Confidential or sensitive information will be treated with discretion.

Regular attendance and active participation are expected from all committee members. By adhering to these principles, the committee aims to ensure productive dialogue and successful implementation of bond projects.

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