What is The Longview Voice?

The Longview Voice is a district-wide newspaper that covers student, staff, and local community news. The paper is produced by the LISD Community Relations department in partnership with the Thrifty Nickel as well as campus staff and volunteers.

Each year the Community Relations department selects a Longview High School senior student who contributes work to The Longview Voice for a scholarship to the school of their choice.

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The Longview Voice Scholarship

Past Winners

2016 — Estrella Gonzales, Keyarro Hollins, Uwa Ihionkhan, Yosef Ibitayo
2017 — Gaylon Wiley
2018 — German Zelaya, Jose Velazquez, Michael Vera
2019 — Alyssa Shobert, Brady Miller, Payton Schaap
2020 — Jesse Gonzalez, Emily Mendenhall
2021 — Audrey Smith
2022 — Joshua Sanders, Adriana Corona
2023 — Luke Farr

How do I qualify?

Simple! All you have to do is write an article or take a photo that gets published in any edition of The Longview Voice newspaper. Then fill out an application here and send it to Community Relations via email ask@lisd.org or drop it off at the LISD administration building, 1301 E. Young Street. 

Each year the Community Relations department selects a graduating student (or students) from those that contributed their words or images to an edition of The Voice.

Where do I apply?

Please download the application here and send it to Longview ISD Community Relations at ask@lisd.org, or bring it to the LISD administration building at 1301 E. Young Street


For more information please call us at 903-381-2235


Thanks to a gracious donation from a Lobo alum, a piece of LISD’s history is now preserved digitally!

Nov. 24, 1937 edition of The Lobo, the first issue of the Longview High School newspaper still in publication today.Mr. Paul JonesMr. Paul Jones, a 1966 Longview graduate, obtained original prints of various issues of The Lobo which was an LHS newspaper that was first published on Nov. 24, 1937. Mr. Jones donated the newspapers to the district and LISD Community Relations Department has scanned every page, improving the page quality, and has now posted them here on the district website.

An avid history fan, Mr. Jones loves studying the history of Longview so much so that he started a Facebook group to share the photos that he comes across during his research. Pictures of Longview Past & Present costs Mr. Jones two to four hours a day in research and he does it happily.

“I just want to give back. Longview has been good to me, so I want to give back,” Mr. Jones said. “And, I enjoy it.”

The group originally started with 45 members but has now exploded to over 5,100. This is a sign that many in Longview love to learn the history of the city. Thanks to Mr. Jones, people can now enjoy a glimpse of LISD history through the lens of students in the late 1930s.