Trustees approve updates to district dress code

School Uniforms multiple colors

During their regular meeting on Monday, June 12th the Longview ISD Board of Trustees loosened the district dress code, approved a plan to convert old school buses into food trucks, engaged the services of architects for facility inspections and improvements, and amended the 2023-24 District Calendar. 

This coming school year, the district dress code is going to look a little different for Longview students, after the board unanimously approved amendments to the LISD Standardized Dress Policy. 

Instead of different campuses requiring certain color polo shirts for students, beginning this August students may wear any solid color polo shirt, provided it is a solid color and does not have any patterns, writing, logos, or other brand insignia on the shirt.

Dr. James Hockenberry, LISD Assistant Superintendent of District Services, explained that by relaxing the policy, the district hopes "to bring our families a more consistent and straightforward approach" to the dress code. 







Any solid color polo shirt with no insignia. Lobo "spirit shirts" (campus designated days).

Khaki, Navy, Black, or Gray pants, slacks, dresses, skirts, shorts, skorts, or jumpers (blue jeans on campus designated days).

Black or brown, solid color without accents.



Any solid color polo shirt with no insignia. Lobo "spirit shirts." 

Khaki, Navy, Black, or Gray pants, slacks, dresses, skirts, shorts, skorts, or jumpers (blue jeans on campus designated days).

Black or brown, solid color without accents.

Dr. Hockenberry said "simplification and consistency" are two of the priorities that went into this adjustment. 

"Allowing any solid-color polo shirt will simplify the dress code policy for administrators and staff, as they will not have to enforce specific color requirements based on campus," he said. "While this certainly means there will be more colors of shirts on our campuses next year, it will also ensure consistency and fairness across the district, promoting a sense of unity and community."

Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox agreed and echoed the sentiment. 

"We hope that by simplifying the policy for campus staffers as well as families, and reducing the financial burden on families, Longview ISD demonstrates our commitment to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all students," he said.

Please click here to download the resolution and related documentation.

Contract approved for architects

Board members unanimously approved engaging the services of Fort Worth-based architecture firm Huckabee & Associates to perform facility inspections and recommend improvements that could be addressed in a future bond election.

The contract amounts to up to $66,000 for architectural, engineering, and consulting services for possible construction projects, and Assistant Superintendent of Finance Dr. Wayne Guidry explained to the board the vital importance of public bonds in the functioning and development of school districts. 

"Over the past 18 months, the district has spent close to $5 million on renovations, the funds were pulled from the district's Maintenance and Operations (M&O) account," he said. "These are the same funds utilized for teacher salaries as well as classroom supplies."

Dr. Guidry said that by diverting funds from the M&O account towards renovations, the district faces potential challenges in ensuring the smooth functioning of its daily operations. 

"While renovations are undoubtedly important for creating a conducive learning environment, it is essential to strike a balance between capital investments and maintaining the necessary resources for effective teaching and learning," he said. 

Dr. Guidry expressed concern that prioritizing renovations through the allocation of Maintenance and Operations funds could have consequences for the LISD community. 

"If the diversion of funds leads to budgetary constraints, it may hinder the district's ability to attract and retain highly qualified teachers, impacting the quality of education provided to Longview students," he said. 

Dr. Guidry said the availability of funds through bonds enables districts to enhance their facilities, create better learning environments for students, and support the overall growth and progress of the educational community.

Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox said district leadership continues to find the best possible use of taxpayer funds to improve district facilities. 

"At this time we are not calling a bond election, but the need for improvements to our aging facilities remains an important topic of conversation within district leadership," he said. "By engaging the services of an architectural firm we are gathering as much facts and expertise as possible to help guide this ongoing dialogue."

Dr. Wilcox added that Longview ISD would be soliciting input and feedback from the community about possible campus and facility needs ahead of any call for a bond election.

Last August, the Board approved a maintenance and operations tax rate of $.8546 and an interest and sinking tax rate of $.4730 cents for a total tax rate of $1.3276 per $100 valuation, a marked decrease from the 2022 tax rate of $1.41470 per $100 valuation. While the appraised property values assessed by the county have continued to increase, Longview ISD has reduced the tax rate for the last four years and plans to do so again in the 2023-24 budget year.

Nearly 20 years ago, LISD voters approved a bond package that built new campuses at Bramlette, Hudson PEP, J.L. Everhart, Ned E. Williams, and Ware Elementary School, as well as Forest Park Magnet School and Foster Middle School. The bonds also paid for renovations and additions to Johnston-McQueen and South Ward (now Bailey) Elementary School, Judson Middle School, and the "new" Longview High School (built in 1976).

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Old school buses into food trucks? 

Board members also unanimously approved a proposal from San Antonio-based Cruising Kitchens to convert two older LISD school buses into food trucks, pending funding approval from the TDA and/or USDA.

If state and/or federal funding is approved, cost for the project will not exceed $432,583.77 but will not require the use of local funds

Dr. James Hockenberry, Assistant Superintendent of District Services, said the initiative calls for two food trucks to be used at the High School for breakfast and lunch. 

"As a result of the attraction of food trucks for lunchtime, we would expect a dramatic increase in participation in our lunch and breakfast programs," he said. "The strategic locations of the additional serving lines, plus the marketing of a food truck program, will create a more appealing atmosphere for our Child Nutrition program."

Dr. Hockenberry said adding food trucks, "brings a mobile option to serving meals for our underrepresented communities during the summer feeding program."

"In addition, we're looking at ways to integrate the food trucks at Longview Lobo home football games, to help relieve overcrowding in the concession stand and restroom areas," he added. 

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Cruising Kitchens

District Calendar adds Early Release

Later, the board unanimously approved amending the 2023-24 District Calendar to include an early release day on Friday, October 27, 2023.

Dr. James Hockenberry, Assistant Superintendent of District Services, said this date "is strategically placed at the end of the second six-weeks to provide time and relief for our students, staff, and families."

"Historically, October has been extraordinarily busy and stressful for students and staff," he said. "By the addition of one more early release day, we hope to add some small relief during a busy time of the semester."

Please click here to download the resolution and related documentation.

New board members, officers

Later, trustees reorganized board officers after giving the oath of office to Mr. Brett Miller (place 2) and Mrs. Crista Black (place 4). 

Officers for the board will be Mr. Michael Tubb (Place 1), board president; Dr. Samir Germanwala (Place 3), vice president; Dr. Troy Simmons (Place 7), board secretary; and Mrs. Crista Black (Place 4), assistant secretary.

Trustees discussed procedures under LISD Board Policy BBC (Legal) to fill the current Place 5 vacancy of the Longview ISD Board of Trustees. Former Place 5 board member Mrs. Shan Bauer resigned from the board, effective June 1, citing a new professional opportunity that required her family to relocate. 

Board members agreed that the role of replacing Mrs. Bauer's seat should fall to the community that elected her to office, and thus trustees unanimously voted to leave Place 5 vacant until it can be filled in a special election this November.

Serving as a link between the community and the classroom, school board members are elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for public schools. LISD trustees are responsible for an annual budget of more than $78 million, over 8,000 students, and nearly 3,000 staffers.

Superintendent's Report

During the Superintendent's Report portion of the meeting, Dr. James Wilcox received an update on student achievement and success in the LISD Athletic Department from Coach John King.

The report also included the latest Campus Data Monitoring analysis, RAPTOR (Rapid Algorithmic Prototyping Tool for Ordered Reasoning) data from the Office of Innovation, and the monthly Community Relations summary. 

In addition, Dr. Wilcox also received presentations from public school charter partners: East Texas Advanced Academies, Longview Educates and Prospers, and Texas Council for International Studies (TCIS).

District Donations

Board members unanimously approved the following donations:

  • $1,060 from LHS Viewettes to pay for security at Viewette Revue;
  • $350 from Whataburger of Longview to Lobo UIL Academics for Whataburger basket for drawing;
  • $200 from Mt. Olive Baptist Church to Bailey Elementary for their 5th Grade Celebration;
  • $150 from Austin Bank (Kilgore) to purchase supplies and equipment for Mrs. Amy Bruyere’s ELA class;
  • $70 from Starbucks of Longview to Lobo UIL Academics for three tumblers drawing;
  • $60 from Jucy’s Hamburgers to purchase supplies and equipment for Lobo UIL Academics;
  • $40 from LHS Theatre/Abby Jester to Lobo UIL Academics for the Educator’s Basket drawing;
  • $32.77 from LUDUS of Longview to purchase supplies and equipment for Lobo Choir;
  • $22 from LaDonna Heckard to Lobo UIL Academics for Farmasi Gift basket for drawing;
  • $18 from Mrs. Kay Ray to Lobo UIL Academics for the Rockin’ L Car Emblem drawing; and 
  • $15 from Ms. Sophia Prieto to Lobo UIL Academics for the Butcher Shop gift card drawing.

In other business...

During the course of the meeting, the LISD Board of Trustees also: 

  • APPROVED extending the annual performance contract with Texas Council for International Studies to continue operations at Longview High, Foster Middle, Judson Middle, Bailey Elementary, Hudson PEP Elementary, and Williams Elementary;
  • APPROVED the expenditure of $195,000 in grant funds toward the purchase of video game production equipment for the gaming programs at Longview High, Forest Park, Foster, and Judson middle schools;
  • APPROVED extending the annual performance contract with Longview LEAP to continue operations at Longview Early Graduation High School;
  • APPROVED Minutes and Board Time Use Tracker for the May 6th board workshop, May 8th Regular Meeting, and May 15th Special Meeting; 
  • APPROVED the renewal of Student Accident & Athletic Insurance Coverage and Catastrophic Coverage for 2023-24;
  • APPROVED extending depository contract for funds with Southside Bank;
  • APPROVED Financial Statements as of May 2023; and
  • APPROVED Budget Amendment No. 8. 

For more info

Trustees usually meet in the boardroom of the LISD Education Support Center (1301 E. Young Street), but often set special-called meetings at various locations around the district. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m. July 17, 2023.

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