Ned E. Williams Elementary is committed to developing life-long learners through a program of differentiated and rigorous inquiry, equipping students to become innovative and collaborative in a global society. Our teaching practices are both reflective and responsive to the needs of our students. We will create opportunities for students to be active inquirers, thinkers, and contributing members of society. 

Ned E. Williams Elementary Contact Information

5230 Estes Parkway
Longview, Texas 75603


Originally named Greenville School, the school founded in 1883 by the renowned educator and dean of students, Prof. Ned E. Williams, as an all-Black school in the Elderville Common School District. The school's name was changed to Gregg County Training School in 1918, with Mr. Williams as its first principal. After his death in 1945, the school was renamed in his honor, recognizing his 57 years of service to the institution. His son, Dr. E.R. Williams, succeeded him as the principal.

A new modern structure was constructed in 1964, but the school closed its doors in 1969 following consolidation with Longview Independent School District. Currently, Dr. Dorcas Dunlap, a third-generation descendant of Ned E. Williams, is the administrator of the elementary school.

The history of the Ned E. Williams Elementary School serves as a testament to the contributions of Black educators and their vital role in shaping the educational landscape of America. The school has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an all-Black school to being administered by one of the descendants of its founder. It remains an integral part of the Longview Independent School District, providing quality education to children from diverse backgrounds.