Dade Center exterior.

Dade Center

Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement (DAEP)

The Dade Center Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement (DAEP) campus serves students from 1st to 12th grade. Grades 1st through 6th are served in the elementary program. Grades 7th through 12th are served in the secondary program. The campus operates with 7 teachers and support staff along with a campus administrator. Counselor services are provided by the home campus counselors. The students will be provided the appropriate individual supports necessary to access curriculum to promote, maintain, and enable progression in academic studies. Our instructors will be an integral liaison to the student’s home campus to ensure that academic growth is a priority for all.

Our Campus Staff

Kimberly Austin, Dade/JDC Secretary
Barbara Conrod, Paraprofessional
Linda Dawson, Science
Lawrence Hines, Administrator
Lucette Hunter, Paraprofessional
Ethel Johnson, ELA
Curtis Jones, History
Doris Pellum, Paraprofessional
Cynthia Smith-Hutchins, Paraprofessional
Nona Snoddy, Special Education
Adolphus Wright, Counselor
Ckesa Templeton, Mathematics
Tracie Sibley, Campus Nurse
Gladys Witt, Custodian

Dade Center Contact Information

410 S. Green Street
Longview, TX 75601