District releases 'Snapshot Day' numbers for UIL

UIL Snapshot Day 2023

Longview High School has certified 2,280 students for the UIL's biennial 'Snapshot Day' realignment report, an increase from 2021's enrollment of 2,192. 

The numbers are used by combining 2,184 full-time Longview High students, 148 part-time Early Graduation H.S. students (which are calculated as 74 students), and 22 JDC/Dade Center students (who are enrolled at LHS).

As a district, Longview ISD is reporting 8,109 students overall. Current enrollment numbers for the rest of Longview ISD's campuses are as follows: 

Montessori Prep (PreK-Kinder): 976 students
Foster Middle: 834 students
Judson Middle: 568 students
Hudson PEP Elementary: 504 students
Bramlette Elementary: 469 students
Forest Park Middle: 465 students
Johnston-McQueen Elementary: 452 students
Everhart Elementary: 419 students
Ware Elementary: 399 students
Ned E. Williams Elementary: 375 students
Bailey Elementary: 288 students