Partnership helping district save thousands on energy costs

STOCK PHOTO Men Working On Power Lines.

Ideal Impact logoThanks to a partnership with Ideal Impact, the district has implemented a variety of steps to help improve energy costs throughout Longview ISD campuses and facilities.

From June 2021 to February 2022, the district has saved $158,470.24 in electricity costs and $16,938.27 in gas from the high school and ESC. These two campuses alone have saved the district a total of $175,408.51 in under 12 months. For the entire district, $208,667 has been saved in the 10-month period.

“The district is saving money through proper HVAC scheduling. The steps that led to the savings was the installation of new thermostats and other controls (for exhaust fans, lighting, etc.) and then the ability to schedule them through our scheduling software based on calendaring,” said Mr. Michael Johnson, project manager at Ideal Impact. 

By scheduling, Mr. Johnson means that when a location is not in use, the software will turn things off to cut back on electricity use. By doing this, an average of $20,886 a month has been saved per campus.

Dr. Wayne GuidryDr. Wayne Guidry, Assistant Superintendent of Finance, said Ideal Impact has guaranteed a savings goal of $1,990,450 for the district and "shall remain partners until the goal is met."

“Our goal is to save $500,000 annually on our utility bill. Ultimately, these are funds we are able to keep within the district and utilize for the needs of our students and staff members,” he said. “Reducing kilowatt-hours will also increase the lifespan of our HVAC units.”

LISD Energy Savings chart.