Board approves superintendent profile, application

FILE PHOTO - LISD admin bldg exterior

Longview ISD has finalized a leadership profile that aligns with the community's vision and needs, as they take the next step in hiring their next superintendent.

In a report presented to the Board of Trustees on Monday, March 25, JG Consulting, the firm leading the superintendent search, outlined the feedback gathered through community meetings, surveys, and interviews with board members and staff.

"We conducted one in-person Town Hall meeting on March 19, as well as approximately seven internal and external stakeholder meetings between March 18-22 with a total of around 60 stakeholders in attendance," said Mr. Alton Frailey, Chief Search Officer for JG Consulting, during Monday night's meeting

The board unanimously approved accepting the report and the recommended job description, which will now be posted on the candidate application portal at

Community & Staff Input
According to the report, staff members emphasized the need for a leader who is proactive in finding unity, relatable, passionate, diplomatic, and emotionally invested in the community. They also stressed the importance of maintaining a forward-thinking approach, balancing sports and academics, and addressing communication and trust issues.

Community suggestions included a focus on transparency, rebuilding trust and respect, improving visibility and availability from leadership, and a commitment to full-time engagement in the district. The firm gathered over 100 anonymous surveys, with respondents ranking "Community Advocate" and "Approachable & Visible" as the most important qualities for the next superintendent.

Some respondents stressed the need for a leader who understands the community's priorities and values, can bring people together, and is willing to engage stakeholders across the board.

Others want someone personally and professionally invested in helping Longview flourish, an active listener who takes constructive feedback to heart and works to improve morale and "Lobo spirit" system-wide. 

There were calls for a fiscally responsible steward of resources who also strategically invests in growth and expansion. Many seek an innovative leader who is not prone to abrupt changes but grounded in the fundamentals while at the same time driving progress.

"We need someone invested in Longview, living in the community, and willing to make tough decisions when needed," said board president Mr. Michael Tubb. "Rebuilding relationships through authentic communication is crucial."

Key Qualities
The report highlighted five overarching objectives for the new superintendent, based on input from the board:

  • Community Engagement and Innovation: A superintendent who is highly visible, engages with the community, and fosters innovation in education. This candidate should prioritize programs such as IB, Montessori, CTE, and early childhood initiatives while addressing concerns regarding facilities, diversity, and excellence. Effective communication internally and externally, along with building trust and inclusivity, is paramount for success.
  • Experience & Leadership: A candidate with a balanced approach, blending traditional experience with openness to non-traditional ideas. They should have a proven track record of leadership, community engagement, and commitment to long-term improvement. Endorsement by community figures and organizations adds credibility.
  • Focus on Student Success & Equity: Prioritize candidates who demonstrate a commitment to student success, academic growth, and closing achievement gaps. Programs such as IB, Montessori, and addressing opportunity gaps should be central, along with a data-driven approach to decision-making and a focus on diverse student populations.
  • Visionary Leadership & Adaptability: Seek candidates who are innovative, willing to take risks, and capable of pushing boundaries to progress the district forward. They should demonstrate a strong understanding of the district's history, demographics, and community needs, while also being adaptable to change and open to new ideas.
  • Building Trust & Long-Term Commitment: Identify candidates with integrity, strength of character, and a genuine commitment to the district's long-term success. They should prioritize building trust within the board, community, and staff, while also demonstrating longevity and stability in their leadership approach.

Next Steps
The application portal opened immediately after Monday night's meeting, and will remain open through April 11

JG Consulting will conduct screening interviews in late April, with finalists advancing to board interviews by mid-May. Mr. Frailey told trustees that the firm aims to have a lone finalist publicly named by May 20.

Mr. Tubb said the community's voice will remain integral. 

"We're working hand-in-hand with our stakeholders," he said. "Their input has shaped this process from day one and will continue guiding us toward the leadership Longview students deserve."

The new superintendent will replace Dr. James Wilcox, who in late 2023 announced plans to retire from the district. 

For more information about the search please contact Longview ISD Communications via email or call 903-381-2235