Mayor Mack Scholarship winners 2023

The City of Longview is currently accepting applications for Mayor Andy Mack’s scholarship. 

Graduating seniors from Longview, Pine Tree, Spring Hill, and Hallsville High Schools (who are residents of Longview) are eligible to apply for this one-time, $1,000 scholarship to college.

The deadline for applications is Feb. 29, so students should submit their applications as soon as possible.

Each year, Mayor Mack provides a scholarship to local students who have shown an attitude of service to the Longview community. One scholarship is awarded per high school to students for furthering their education. 

These funds, which total $5,000, are provided by Mayor Andy Mack, who uses his annual mayoral stipend to invest in students' futures.

“I am always amazed by the students who apply for the scholarship,” said Dr. Mack. “They give me incredible hope for our city’s future, and I am so proud that I can play a part in their future success.”

The scholarship is not only a way to support local students, but it is also a way to encourage them to continue to give back to their community. 

By awarding the scholarship to students who have demonstrated a commitment to service, Mayor Mack hopes to inspire others to get involved in their community as well.

To apply, students must complete the application and submit a one-page essay on any topic they choose. The essay must be no more than 500 words and 3,000 characters. The completed application and essay can be submitted online, mailed, or delivered to City Hall by 5 p.m., Feb. 29th. Late applications will not be accepted.

Mayor Mack said the topic for this year's survey is: "What do you see as the biggest obstacle towards bringing people to Longview, and what are you going to do about it?" Applicants are limited to one page, 500 words, and 3,000 characters.

The Mayor’s scholarship is a great opportunity for students who are planning to attend college. It is also a way for the community to show its support for its young people. By investing in the education of local students, the city is investing in its own future.

For more information or to complete an online application, please visit