The following LISD athletic objectives are set up as a means of evaluating the total athletic program each year.

          1.     Increase the total participation each year

          2.     Each coach in the athletic program should develop and improve each year.  Listed below are nine traits that can be both self-evaluated and measured by the administrators

  • Dedication to the profession

  • Willingness to work and make personal sacrifices

  • Ability to inspire pupils

  • Ability to develop aggressiveness

  • Ability to carry out details

  • Knowledge of the game being taught

  • Ability to be consistent each day

  • Ability to get along with other teachers, principals and other coaches

  • Neatness of dress on and off the field

          3.     Develop the best sportsmanship possible for pupils, athletes and coaches.  Sportsmanship is abiding by the rules with the proper attitude.