Our students need great teachers!

Teachers at Longview ISD impact the lives of their students both inside and outside the classroom. LISD teachers go the extra mile to help students realize their goals, building the confidence they need to go out and achieve great things.

In order for students to be engaged at all times in the classroom, we need teachers who are willing to go beyond the lesson plan and make learning an interactive, dynamic experience. By focusing on improving the quality of instruction, and committing to the development and continuous support of those leading our classrooms, our students reap the rewards by being better prepared to achieve success.

LISD is committed to hiring the best and most dedicated teachers in East Texas. Excellence is not just a goal, but an expectation. As part of our team, you will help shape the future of teaching and learning for generations to come.

For more information about how you can be a part of our winning team, please contact LISD Human Resources Director Loretta Thompson Martin at (903) 381-2200.