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Data Analysis

Longview ISD uses DMAC Solutions and PEIMS Data Plus as tools to assist educators with their assessment needs and to improve the quality of education provided to students.  In order to get access to these systems, educators must login first using their DMAC username and password or their PEIMS Data Plus username and password.

DMAC Solutions offers a web-based suite of applications developed at the Region 7 Education Service Center.  Educators are able to use the following DMAC applications to analyze student data:
  • State Assessment
              Dissagregate STAAR, EOC, and TELPAS student data
              Create individual student reports from state data
              Search specific queries of students to customize state data into reports for diagnostic purposes
  • TEKScore
               Dissagregate local assessments
               Create individual student reports from local data
                Search specific queries of students to customize local data into reports for diagnostic purposes
  • lead4ward
                Analyze quintiles
                Create threshold analysis reports
                Generate custom heat maps

PEIMS Data Plus was created as a result of the experiences of three partners of Aloe Software Group. One was a former PEIMS coordinator for a school district, one an experienced data base administrator, and the other a PEIMS coordinator for an ESC in Texas.  PEIMS Data Plus allows educators to run historical comparisons on student data as well as compare data in other areas.