Parents, guardians, and former students at Longview Independent School District have until Oct. 26, 2019 to request records relating to the identification, evaluation and placement of students in the special education program within the 2011-2012 academic school year.

The purge of records is within Texas Education Agency guidelines which require special education programs to keep special education records for a period of seven years.

Parents of students with disabilities who have records on file should notify the Longview ISD Special Education Office at 903-381-2276 to obtain these records or desire that these records be retained by the district.

These records are presently maintained in the Longview ISD Special Education Office and include: referral information; assessment reports including educational, psychological, and medical reports; Admission Review and Dismissal Committee records; individual education plans, and classroom observation data.

Also included in the purging will be records of students who were tested but did not qualify for special education services as well as records of those who qualified but were not placed. Parents of students or former students are hereby advised that these records may be needed by the students or their parents for Social Security Benefits or other purposes.

Longview Independent School District will retain a permanent record of only the following information: Student’s name, last disability, date of birth, date of last evaluation, and date of record destruction.


Requests for records should be made to:

Dr. Maureen Lewis
LISD Director of Special Education
PO Box 3268
Longview, TX 75606





The Longview Independent School District is committed to providing students who have specialized learning needs an educational program that supports each student in reaching his/her full potential.  The instruction offered by highly qualified, certified special education teachers and licensed related service personnel is changed in content, methodology, and/or delivery of instruction to address the unique needs of the student which result from the student’s disability.   The goal of special education is to ensure access of the student to the general curriculum, so that the student may meet the educational standards within the jurisdiction of the school district that apply to all children.    

The Longview Independent School District Special Education Department provides educational services to more than 800 students throughout the school district.  Approximately 125 teachers, instructional aides, speech/language pathologists and related services personnel provide instruction and related services at no cost to the parent to eligible students with disabilities.  Due to the diversity of student educational needs present among Longview ISD’s students with disabilities, the district offers a comprehensive special education program designed to meet this wide range of unique needs. 

If you have comments, suggestions or would like to obtain additional information about the Special Education Department, please contact Special Education Support Staff at:

(903) 381-2277 (Office)
(903) 381-2318 (Fax)
1301 East Young
Longview, TX  75601

Survey on Special Education Services (Espanol)

Operating Guidelines LISD Special Education

Thank you,
Dr. Maureen Lewis, Director of Special Education
(903) 381-2276