Nurse Notes

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Nurse Notes

It has been a very busy beginning. The immunization policy has not changed a great deal, but the number of days we are allowed to get the immunizations has been cut drastically. We still need to complete all requirements listed on the immunization page.

Below are some of the changes for enrolling a student.

  1. A child who is entering school for the first time must have a shot record in hand to enroll.
  2. A child who comes from out of the state of Texas has to have their shot records with them in order to enroll.
  3. A child who comes from within the state of Texas has 30 days to produce their records.


Remember that with each correspondence you receive from the nurse, comes our concern for the health of your child. We must satisfy the state and local policies so that each student will be healthy and feel well enough to work to their potential. Let's keep the good work going for the future of your children.