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Philosophy & Goals


To maximize student achievement for lifetime success, the Curriculum and Instruction Department will provide high quality, relevant seamless curricula for all content areas that insure coherency and continuity across and between grade levels and will provide instructional leadership and professional development opportunities to support learner-centered instruction for all students.

  • Goal 1: Longview ISD students will attain maximum academic achievement for lifelong success.
  • Goal 2: Longview ISD will implement a high quality seamless curriculum for all content areas in a way that assures coherency and continuity across and between grade levels.
  • Goal 3: Design and implement a staff development program that supports the effective delivery of the curriculum.
  • Goal 4: Ensure that all students develop positive character attributes with emphasis on self-discipline and treating others with courtesy, dignity, and respect.
  • Goal 5: Continue the implementation of the program evaluation plan that focuses on the effectiveness of various instructional programs in promoting improved student achievement.