Curriculum & Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction oversees the comprehensive curriculum and classroom instruction implemented in the district, grades Pre-K through Twelve.  It is the responsibility of the department  to plan, monitor, and evaluate instructional programs in order to ensure the success of all students.

Curriculum and Instruction Feature

The  Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative  (TCMPC)  is a shared service agreement between the 20 Educational Service Centers. This shared service agreement allows participating ESCs to share responsibility for the management and operations of the online curriculum management system known as the TEKS Resource System.

The TEKS Resource System is a customizable, online curriculum management system. The content includes curriculum and assessment components aligned to the most current versions of the State Board of Education adopted TEKS for the following subject areas:
· English Language Arts and Reading (K-12)
· Spanish Language Arts and Reading (K-5)
· Social Studies (K-12)
· Mathematics (K-12)
· Science (K-12)
The TEKS Resource System provides a common language, structure, and process for curriculum development. It is designed to accompany district-approved instructional materials and is customizable to meet the needs of individual students.
For more information please contact:  Horace Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Campus Accountability at (903) 381-2269