Choose LISD

The LISD School of Choice program is designed to eliminate previous location barriers and allow parents and students to pick their school based on educational and career aspirations. 

For more information please contact the Choose LISD Welcome Center at 903-381-2296.



• What do I need to do to attend a campus outside my attendance zone?
Families will have to submit an application in order for students to attend a program outside their attendance zone. 
• Will transportation be provided?
No. In-district students enrolled at LISD are only provided transportation to campuses within their attendance zone. 
• What do I need to do if I want my child to attend school in their current attendance zone? 
LISD students can continue to attend their regular zoned campus following regular enrollment procedure. 
• What if too many students apply to attend one campus? 
Students living in the attendance zone are given priority to enroll at that campus. Students outside the attendance zone must submit an application and will be chosen by lottery.