It's been proven time and again that nutrition plays a major role in learning. My name is Phyllis Dozier. I spent several years as a classroom teacher and campus principal and I've seen the effects of good - and poor - nutrition in our children. As Longview Independent School District's director of Child Nutrition, I take very seriously our role in childrens' lives. For many of them, the only source of nutritious meals is in our cafeterias.
But healthy meals are just the beginning. We are working hard to shed the universal (and often true) image of cafeteria food by crafting wholesome, delicious meals. And we want to serve our children the foods that they like, which is why my door is always open for menu suggestions and general feedback.

Phyllis Dozier is a lifelong Longview resident. She holds an associate of arts degree from Kilgore College; a bachelor of music from East Texas Baptist University; and a master's degree in education administration from the University of Texas at Tyler. Questions or comments? Send her an e-mail. Or call (903) 381-2356.