Student Identification

LEP Student Identification

The Longview ISD Home Language Survey shall be administered to each student new to the district, and to students previously enrolled who were not surveyed in the past. The survey will be signed by the student's parent or guardian for students in grades prekindergarten through Grade 8, or by the student in Grades 9-12. The original copy of the survey will be kept in the student's permanent record.
In order to identify students who may speak a language other than English the Texas Administrative Code (TAC §89.1215) requires districts to include two specific questions in the home language survey presented to the parents of new incoming students to the districts: 
  1.  "What language is spoken in your home most of the time?”
  2. "What language does your child (do you) speak most of the time?”
If a language other than English is written as a response then appropriate assessment is required. Parental permission is not required for language proficiency testing.
The campus has 4 weeks (20 school days) to complete the assessment and to conduct an LPAC meeting to determine the status of each student who indicated a language other than English or in addition to English to any of the questions in the Home Language Survey.