SIOP Resources

Content Area Instruction through Sheltered English

Sheltered Instruction is an essential component of the Bilingual Program. It is essential to the student academic achievement in second language (L2). As students’ progresses through the program, the amount of English instruction will increase. Content skills that have been mastered in first language (L1) -Spanish may be integrated into the content area through sheltered instruction in order to accelerate the development of academic English.
LISD uses the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA), also known as sheltered instruction or SIOP. Sheltered instruction consists of eight components:
1. Lesson Preparation
2. Building Background
3. Comprehensible Input
4. Strategies
5. Interaction
6. Practice/Application
7. Lesson Delivery
8. Review/Assessment
Once a students’ level of proficiency is classified as “Advanced” most of the content areas may be taught in English. Native language instruction continues as long as the student is classified as ELL and remains in the Transitional Bilingual Program.
Resources: Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners;
Training: Instructional Support for Administrators, Cognitive Coaching
Sheltered Instruction 3 day training provided by LISD Curriculum and Instruction Department