Longview ISD believes that a comprehensive testing program is an essential component of a student's instructional program.
The data gathered from the tests are used for district and campus instructional planning and evaluation.
Local assessments can be powerful tools to measure student attainment of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and can provide a common context for reporting student performance. 
Various forms of district level assessments are conducted throughout the year, each serving a different purpose. 
  • Diagnostic assessments are utilized to determine prior student learning and to make initial decisions related to level of instruction, grouping, and instructional strategies. These assessments are normally administered at the outset of the school year or unit of study. 
  • Common assessments are administered at key points in the year and are designed to assess student mastery of the curriculum that has been taught over a given time period. Designing these assessments typically require a greater level of rigor than individual teacher-developed assessments, but a lesser level of rigor than statewide assessments. 
  • Simulations are comprehensive assessments administered once a year in the STAAR tested areas and are designed to match the blueprint of the STAAR assessment. These assessments are designed to match the level of rigor of the statewide assessments.

  • The Iowa Assessment test is given to all students annually in grades K-7 in the key areas of Reading and Mathematics. This achievement test is intended to assess a child’s understanding of what he/she has learned.  Students who receive bilingual services will be given the Logramos test.