General Information

All students in grades K-7 will be screened using the Iowa Assessment yearly.  This is an achievement test that is intended to assess a child’s understanding of what he/she has learned.  Students who receive bilingual services will be given the Logramos test.

Purpose of the Iowa Assessment

The Iowa Assessment will serve three purposes:  a yearly diagnostic tool, admission to Hudson PEP, and the first phase in the gifted/talented (G/T) identification process.  When test results are received from the publishing company, the district committee will meet to review the data and identify students who meet the specific requirements for admission to Hudson PEP in 2020-2021.  

Iowa Assessment Window
* Kindergarten students who submitted a Permission to Test Form for the October-November assessment window may participate in a second administration of the Iowa Assessment test during the week of April 6-17. The results will be used for diagnostic purposes and admission to Hudson PEP. 

Permission To Test Form

Students that are not currently enrolled in LISD must complete a Permission to Test Form.

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