Credit By Exam


Students may use Credit by Examination (CBE) to demonstrate mastery in any subject (grades 1-8) and to earn credit in any high school academic course with the prior approval of the appropriate administrator.

Credit by Examination for Acceleration (without prior instruction) is intended for students who have not received instruction in a course or grade level subject and wish to “test out” or “skip.” A student in Grades 1-12 must be given credit for an academic subject in which he/she has not received prior instruction if the student scores:

  • A three (3) or higher on a College Board AP examination
  • A scale score of 60 or higher on a College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) examination
  • 80 percent (or higher) on a criterion-referenced test approved by the LISD Board of Trustees*

 A student may not attempt a CBE for the same course more than two (2) times.


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