Longview ISD is committed to the ongoing process of identifying, locating and evaluating the needs of children ages birth to 21 who have suspected disabilities and to providing special education services to meet their individual needs. This process called “Child Find” is a requirement of federal and state law. Children with suspected disabilities ages 0 to 3 are referred to Early Childhood Intervention of Gregg County (ECI). Children ages 3 through 21 are referred to the campus in the LISD that the student attends or would attend if he or she were enrolled in the district.

This Child Find requirement also extends to the private schools and home schools located within the boundaries of Longview ISD.   Privately-schooled and home-schooled children ages 3 to 5, if eligible, are able to access at parent request special education services through a process called “Dual Enrollment”.  Privately-schooled and home-schooled children ages 5 to 21, if eligible, are able to access a “proportionate share” of special education services.  This proportionate share of federal funding is not an individual right, but a group allocation to be spent as designated by the local school district. 

Longview ISD Child Find Contact 

If there are questions or concerns related to required Child Find activities, please contact 
Dr. Maureen Lewis
Director of Special Education 
(903) 381-2276