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Longview Regional Day School Services for the Hearing Impaired is a Shared Service Arrangement educational cooperative that provides services to students with hearing impairments.  Approximately 20 school districts in the East Texas area participate in this program. Services range from itinerant to self -contained classrooms for PK-12 at four LISD campuses. Any student who has a hearing loss that impairs their understanding of oral language or adversely affects their educational achievement in the school setting is eligible for consideration of services.  The Regional Day School for the Deaf operates in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.

For more information, contact Laura Lott, Supervisor, at (903) 758-0571 or

Our Goal

Our goal is to insure that each hearing impaired student enrolled will receive instruction in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as close to his/her home school district as possible through appropriate individualized educational services.

Our Program

Emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis, evaluation, and educational intervention.

Utilizes parental involvement in the implementation and evaluation process of educational services.

Employs specialists in the field of Deaf Education to work within the public school setting to reinforce and develop academic areas of curriculum.

Provides educational services at no charge to all eligible students

Small group and/or individualized instruction

Our Services

  • Parent-infant instruction in tandem with Early Childhood Intervention
  • Itinerant services
  • Specialized instruction  
  • Inclusion and mainstreaming
  • Interpreters for the deaf
  • Individualized instruction including:

                     Speechreading Skills
                     TrainingCommunication Skills
                     Language Development

Our Students

Hearing Impaired: A generic term meaning a hearing loss that may range from mild to profound.  It includes the subsets of hard of hearing and Deaf.

Hard of Hearing:  A person who may have enough hearing with the use of a hearing aid in order to successfully process information through auditory system

Deaf:  A person whose hearing impairment precludes the successful processing of information through hearing with or with or without the use of a hearing aid.