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On Wednesday, February 8, Longview ISD hosted a breakfast for the  Longview ISD Foundation’s 2017 Great Rewards for Great Ideas recipients. At the breakfast, the Foundation announced funding for this year's grant cycle.

Grant winners received funding from the Longview ISD Foundation ranging from $100 to $2,500 for innovative classroom projects and programs that will enhance the quality of education for all students in Longview ISD.

This year, the twenty-second anniversary of the Great Rewards for Great Ideas Program, $49,605.93 was requested through 26 grant applications.  The Foundation funded 18 grants totaling $30,518.56. The Foundation funded 13 elementary grants for a total of $24,110.41 and 5 secondary grants for a total of $6,408.15.

Since the beginning of the Great Rewards for Great Ideas Program in 1996, the Foundation has funded 644 grants totaling $656,613.20. These grants have enhanced Longview ISD’s academic programs as well as music, art, technology, counseling and guidance, career education, health and physical education, and character education programs.

For a list of this year’s grant recipients, visit the Longview ISD Foundation’s website at www.lisdfoundation.org and click on Great Rewards for Great Ideas on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Since 1995, Ware Elementary School has received $56,244.01 in grant funding from the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc.

The following teachers at Ware Elementary School received grant funding for the 2017-2018 school year from the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc.  

Playing to Learn:  Using Games to Teach Reading, Writing, and Math

Grade 3 Reading, Writing, and Math

Janette Hiraldo, Kendra Nava, Evelia Orona, Miguel Reyes, and Brenda Slayton

Ware Elementary School


Acting Out to Greater Fluency

Grades 3-5 Theatre

Ashley Henderson and Melissa Swallow

Ware Elementary School


Reading Comprehension Games Library

Grade 5 English Language Arts

Aleli Antommarchi, Sharon Brown, Kendra Collins, and Serita Ingram

Ware Elementary School