2017-18 NED Dress Code


School Colors: (Gold, Royal Blue, Navy, and White Shirts) Pants: Khaki, Navy Blue, And Black

Parents enrolling a new student at Ned E. Williams must comply with the uniform policy.

Coats will not be worn in the classroom or throughout the building. Sweaters in uniform colors may be worn in the classroom. No Hats or hoods inside the building. Cardigans and/or pullovers with school emblem can be ordered upon request.

No visible logos will be allowed except for Ned E. Williams school logos. (No name brands—i.e., Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Fubu, etc.

Shoes must be worn at all times. For safety reasons, shoes without heel straps, thongs and shoes with cleats are not allowed.

Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Clothes will only be allowed to be one size larger. Absolutely no sagging or bagging pants.

Pants that have belt loops must have a belt worn with them.

Plain Black and/or Brown belts only. No large belt buckles or buckles with wording are acceptable. No rope, chains, or other non-standard items may be worn as belts.  No Designs Allowed.

Bandanas or sweat bands not allowed

No Earrings on boys (including temporary posts) 

  • Hair should be kept clean and out of the eyes.
  • Hair must be groomed. Spiked hair is not permissible. Mohawks are not permissible.
  • Outlandish or two-colored hair will not be permitted.
  • Haircuts must be uniform in length with no extremes.
  • Any hairstyle on any student that causes a distraction is unacceptable.
  • No face or body stickers.
  • No face, body, or hair glitter.
  • No Earrings on boys (including temporary posts)


If a student is out of compliance, enforcement will be as follows: 

1st Uniform Rule Infraction: WARNING and teacher will call parent to discuss the infraction.

2nd Uniform Infraction: Parent/Guardian will be called to come and            correct the clothing before the student can return to class.

3rd- Uniform Rule Infraction: Student will be sent to the principal’s office, parent will be contacted regarding Principal’s disciplinary action.