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LISD Foundation Campus Grant

Longview Early Graduation High School has been awarded a 2018 Campus Initiative Grant from the LISD Foundation. Cheri Lee and Kristi Means of Longview Early Graduation High School received $4,925.16 for their grant titled “Workforce Preparation,” a grant designed to provide workforce development courses for six students, one in phlebotomy, two in certified nurse assistants’ training (both course at Kilgore College) and two in pharmacy technician training (at LW Pharmacy School).  This grant will provide opportunities for six at-risk students to gain industry certification towards a career.  This funding eliminates a barrier to these students’ future success, allowing them to obtain the skills and credential needed for immediate success in the local workforce.

Workforce Preparation

Cheri L. Lee

Kristi Means

Longview Early Graduation High School