Ms. Sheri Lynn Peery

Judson Middle School


Judson Middle School Counselor
Judson Middle School
5745 Judson Rd.
Longview, TX 75605
Fax: 903-663-0275
What is counseling?
I am Mrs. Peery, JMS Counselor, and I am excited to be working with students in this capacity. My mission involves the commitment to a guidance program that fosters the developmental foundations of all students grades six through eight. I believe in the value and dignity of each individual and that all students can benefit from a preventative and developmental guidance program. I believe in a program that is built on the total involvement of school personnel, parents, and the community. It is my goal to create and maintain effective services that help students become lifelong learners and responsible productive citizens by promoting the students personal growth and academic development. The purpose of school counseling is to promote and enhance the learning process of its students. I will work closely with all school personnel, parents, and the community to accomplish the goals of Judson Middle School. The three strands of guidance used to achieve these goals are:
o Academic success
o College/career information and exploration
o Personal and social development
When is it appropriate to contact your child’s School Counselor?
When you have concerns about...
  •  classroom performance
  •  family changes (moving, death, divorce, or separation)
  •  home stress
  •  classroom behavior
  •  sudden change in child's behavior
  •  peer relations