Mrs. Penelope Ann Precopia

Foster Middle School


Mrs. Penny Precopia
6th Grade PreAP / GT Social Studies
Foster Middle School
1504 MLK Blvd.
Longview, Texas 75602


Recent Posts

CA #4

The Social Studies Common Assessment #4 will be Wednesday, December 9.
Please review all notes and foldables on Europe. We will review in class Monday and Tuesday.

Week Review for CA3

Students are using the new Reading Essentials & Study Guide workbook to review for the district CA3.
The CA3 is supposed to cover Latin America. So, we are reviewing Central America, The Carribean, and South America.
Students are to read and highlight in their workbooks. 

Culture Plate Projects

The 6th grade Culture Plate Projects are now on display outside room 306. Please come by and see them.