Board of Trustees continue goals into 2017

Longview ISD Board of Trustees spent the better part of Saturday morning on Feb. 20 considering district priorities for 2017.

Board of Trustees continue goals into 2017

Sat Feb 11, 2017

Longview ISD Board of Trustees spent the better part of Saturday, Feb. 11 considering district priorities for 2017.

Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox told the board that Longview ISD's achievement have prompted "officials from big city schools coming out to the woods to try and catch up."

Foster Middle School Principal John York mentioned the number of districts from larger Texas communities who were sending staff to observe and learn from Longview ISD.

"We've had teams from DeSoto, Orange, Stafford, and other communities like that," he said. "I'm not talking about sending two or three people but an entire team of 20 or more people. They were walking our hallways and looking at our students' work, talking with our staff, sitting down and asking questions about how we're getting the results we are."

Board members heard presentations and received reports from various educational departments highlighting the district's progress over the last year. At the conclusion of staff presentation, trustees set goals for the coming year.

Goals for Longview ISD continuing in 2017 include:
1.) Improving recruitment and retention of quality personnel.
2.) Improving communication with parents and the general public.
3.) All schools meeting state standard, as well as performing at state level in math and science.
4.) Improving social/life skills of Longview Early Graduation HS Students.
5.) Improving/maintaining district grounds and facilities.

"Every goal we laid out this time last year has been achieved, in many ways exceeded," said board president Dr. Chris Mack. "I don't think these goals necessarily need to be replaced, but simply carried onward."

Trustees each voiced there agreement, praising the work of the various administrators and staff for the measurable progress made during the last year.

Wilcox thanked the board for their support, and added that Longview ISD will continue to excel.

"The state of our district is strong, from our youngest student to our most experienced staffer, but we're not going to rest on our laurels," he said. "There's still plenty of ways we can improve, more resources we can provide for our young people and education professionals. As far as we've come, I believe there's still a ways we need to go."

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