Lobo technology students elected to statewide office

Tue Apr 21, 2015

Longview High School students Uwa Ihionkhan and Krisana Yuen have been elected as the Texas Technology Students Association president and secretary, respectively. The pair campaigned and was elected during the TSA state conference in Waco earlier this month.

This is the first time that Longview High School has had two state officers on the Texas TSA State Officer Team. It is also the first time a Longview student has been elected president.
“Before my speech I felt a mixture of nerves and excitement,” Ihionkhan said. “I knew that it my chance to really speak to the members and earn their support. I’m proud of my stage presence and the way I held myself throughout the election.”

Regardless of the election results, I truly learned some invaluable lessons and gained an experience that very few people have an opportunity to have. I am so very happy and excited to see what holds for me and Texas TSA.”

Official duties of the president include conducting business meetings at state and national conferences, attending all meetings and leading five other officers to plan the year’s events. The president must also help coordinate this year’s national conference, since it is being held in Texas.

“I have many goals to accomplish within my term as Texas TSA President. I feel not only a sense of duty, but a sense of urgency. For these two reasons I am more than ready to get to work and start improving Texas TSA,” Ihionkhan said.

(left-to-right) Yuen, Hannah Brown (2014 reporter) and Ihionkhan

I’m honestly so honored to be chosen to serve and I hope that my term will usher in an era of change. I am hopeful that during my presidency Texas TSA will increase communication and place much more emphasis on the individual members. I also hope to gain the members more recognition inside and outside of the TSA realm, because we deserve to be known and the world deserves to know about us.”

The secretary is charged with keeping accurate records of all business and correspondence of Texas TSA.

“It was such an honor to be able to run for state secretary. I have never gotten the opportunity to speak in front of so many people; the whole election process has pushed me to become a better leader,” Krisana Yuen said. “I was able to meet so many new people through this experience and speak about issues in TSA that I am truly passionate about. I am so excited for the upcoming year; I cannot wait to be back with my fellow officer team so that we can begin seeing our goals for the organization.”