A pair of Longview ISD educators were among 22 Teacher of the Year honorees recognized by the Greater Longview Organization of Business and Education (GLOBE) on April 26 at LeTourneau University.

LISD teachers receive 'GLOBE' honors

Fri Apr 29, 2016
Bryan Warren from J.L. Everhart Elementary School and Sylverlene Williams from Forest Park Middle School were among the 22 Teachers of the Year chosen from Longview-area school districts.

Warren and Williams both expressed humble gratitude and appreciation for the award, agreeing that the privilege of leaving a legacy in the lives of their young people is "reward enough."

“A teacher holds the single most important task of the world, shaping the future," Warren said. "It is my strong belief that it’s a point when the teacher becomes the student and the student becomes the teacher true learning takes place.”

Williams said it takes both a bold and gentle spirit to truly excel as a teacher.

“I am a planter, a seed sower and a harvest reaper, a steward whose reward is great. Teaching is more than a profession; it is a form of stewardship, a careful management of the impressionable minds,” she said. “A humbling experience with the greatest challenges of the sweetest rewards, I boldly go where others fear to go. Only those who dare drive the world forward do this. I dare to be a teacher, I dare to drive the minds of my students."

LISD Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox said Warren and William "epitomize the committed and passionate quality of the education professionals at our district."

"We cannot praise our teachers high enough," he said. "They are on the front lines daily, doing one of the most difficult and demanding jobs there is. We appreciate their commitment and professionalism every day."
All teachers recognized were presented with a $200 check from Brookshires and a certificate from Marty Lane, GLOBE Teacher of the Year Chairperson.
Fred Jennings, GLOBE Co-Chair, said the Teacher of the Year was started 27 years ago by educators and local business owners working in partnership to encourage students to take more difficult curriculum that could prepare them to enter the workforce. Both the educators and business owners created a curriculum and recognized those students those students that took it and challenged themselves."

"They also realized the importance of the very good teachers that inspire their students to challenge themselves, so that is why we honor these teachers: for making an impact on so many young students," he said. "The core and foundation started here at LeTourneau- it has now spread statewide."

Jennings said LeTourneau has allowed GLOBE to host the Teach of the Year reception on the campus for the last seven years free of charge.

"And without the financial support from Brookshire's Corporation, this event would not be possible. Brookshire's has been underwriting Globe teacher of the Year program for the last several years," he said. "This year, Brookshire's donated a sum of $4,400 to be divided and awarded to the Teachers of the Year for each participating district. Thank you for your generosity."

Bryan Warren, Primary Teacher of the Year, accompanied by wife Shantrel Warren, mother Ververlyn Bowens, father Ronnie Bowens.  Sylverlene "Syl" Williams, Secondary Teacher of the Year, accompanied by son Michael Mahunga, co-teacher Ella Gupton, and coworker Renee Glaspie.