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Board president Dr. Chris Mack reflects on how a conversation with a student reminded him of why he and other trustees serve.

LISD Board of Trustees: Why do we serve?

Sat Apr 30, 2016
By Dr. Chris Mack, Board President

Being on the LISD Board of Trustees is something I have done for many years and have really enjoyed my time of service. One question I frequently get asked is “Why do you want to serve on the board?” Admittedly, there have been times when that question has been very difficult to answer. But a recent encounter reminded me why, and will make it very clear how this job can be so rewarding.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Lobo Health Fair at Longview High School. During the event, I engaged in conversation with one of our high school students. At the time she had no idea who I was other than just someone manning a booth at the Health Fair. She and a group of students were taking blood pressures at the booth next to mine and I asked her with what program she and her fellow students were involved.
At that point, the student began telling me about the new EMT program at Longview High School that she was enrolled in. The excitement that exuded from her as she described the program and her future goals that the program would allow her to reach put a huge smile on my face. The more we spoke the more apparent it was that this was one sharp young lady! I was very happy about her enthusiasm for the offerings that our district provides, that many of her friends in other districts do not have.

I finally revealed my name, and that I was the LISD board president. I said that speaking with her had been the highlight of my evening.

When those of us on the board have the opportunity to see the excitement in the faces of our students and hear the stories of how our innovative programs are positively changing lives and providing opportunities, it reminds us of why we serve.

I was also pleased that evening to learn this student’s name: Kierra Green. I recognized her name because she is a cheerleader with my daughter (although on different squads) and she also was crowned Longview Homecoming Queen the same night my daughter was named Football Sweetheart. My daughter even has a picture of her and Kierra in her room from that evening. I had no idea our paths would cross this way.

So, I would like to thank Kierra for allowing me to share this story and I wish her all the best for a very successful future. I have no doubt this young lady will be successful in whatever she chooses to do!

I am prouder than ever to serve LISD on the Board of Trustees.
— Dr. Chris Mack is a 1976 Longview High School graduate. He was first elected to the board in 1993, and has served in various capacities, including as president.