Students seeking first grade admission to Hudson PEP for the 2016-17 school year will begin testing March 14, with make-up dates set through March 18.

Hudson PEP admission tests start March 14

Wed Mar 2, 2016
Hudson PEP ( Planned Enrichment Program) is a district-wide elementary school in Longview Independent School District for students who perform in the average to above-average range in grades 1-5.

An application begins the process for admittance. Students are given ability and achievement tests to see if they qualify. Students entering first grade are tested during March and April. Grades 2 through 5, if places are available, are tested during the first week of June.

Here are the dates each campus has set for testing: 
  • Bramlette — March 14-15, 2016 and make-up March 16.
  • South Ward — March 14-15, 2016 and make-up March 16.
  • Johnston-McQueen — March 14-15, 2016 and make-up March 16.
  • Ned E. Williams — March 14-15, 2016 and make-up March 17.
  • JL Everhart — March 15-16, 2016 and make-up March 17.
  • Ware — March 15-16, 2016 and make-up March 17.
  • Hudson PEP — March 14,15,16,17, 2016 and make-up March 18.
Out-of-district students may apply. About one-third of the students are identified as Gifted and Talented and participate in a supplemental program.

Hudson PEP Elementary School has been rated among the state’s top schools by Texas Monthly magazine and has achieved Exemplary status for high performance on state-mandated testing, in addition to numerous awards for academics, musical talent, and student character.

Applications for Hudson PEP are available here. For more information please contact your campus principal, guidance counselor, or LISD Director of Instruction Beth Bassett.