District technology students bring home state awards, headed to nationals

Fri Apr 17, 2015
Teams from both schools this past weekend brought home more than 30 team and individual awards and qualified to compete in 25 events against their counterparts from across the U.S. The National TSA Conference (and competition) is set to be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine June 28 – July 2.

“The Longview High School TSA chapter will be sending 24 students to the national TSA contest this year,” sponsor Charles Mosley said. “This is the largest group of qualifiers ever from Longview High School.”

Longview TSA students have previously won three consecutive national Tech Bowl titles at the TSA event.
The following students recently competed in various technological events at the State TSA Contest in Waco. Students whose names are listed with asterisks are advancing to the National TSA Contest in June in that category.
Foster Middle School
Sponsors: Cindy Johnson, Joe Ford and Debbie Tolbert

*Agriculture and Biotechnology Design
2nd - Gregory Boudreau, Kathryn Roper, Natalie Serrato, Samantha Taylor

*Career Prep
1st – Brady Miller

Challenging Technology Issues
5th – Sam Pistone and Nitin Rangu

*Chapter Team
1st – Gregory Boudreau, Surya Donty, Ejehi Ihionkhan, Brady Miller, Sam Pistone, Payton Schaap, Samantha Taylor

*Digital Photography
3rd – Gregory Boudreau

8th – Connor Gilliland

Essays on Technology
*3rd – Natalie Serrato
5th – Ejehi Ihionkhan

Matthew Reed

*Inventions and Innovations
1st – Surya Donty, Brady Miller, Nitin Rangu, Sam Pistone, Ben Taylor

*Medical Technology Issues
1st – Ejehi Ihionkhan, Kathryn Roper, Payton Schaap, Carly Snyder

*Prepared Speech
2nd – Nitin Rangu

*Problem Solving
5th – Connor Gilliland and Sarah Rectenwald

*Structural Model
4th – Logan Hall and Matthew Reed

*Technology Bowl
4th – Sam Pistone, Ben Taylor, Samantha Taylor

*Video Game Design
3rd – Connor Gilliland, Logan Hall, Sarah Rectenwald

- Unique to Texas On-Site Events -

Graphic Design
1st – Sarah Rectenwald

1st – Surya Donty
2nd – Nitin Rangu

Longview High School
Sponsor: Charles Mosley
Biotechnology Design
4th – Krisana Yuen, Uwa Ihiniokhan, Alyson Roper, Robyn Roper and Soumya Donty
*Career Preparation
5th – Daniele Farren

*Chapter Team
2nd – Hannah Brown, Uwa Ihiniokhan, Trevor O'Connor, Levi Grant, Krisana Yuen and Stephanie Guck

*Children’s Stories
1st – Arjun Peddireddy, Naomi D'Arbell, Roshni Edalur, Shreya Patel, Daniel Bally and Anthony Castillo

Digital Video Production
5th – Lucy Castillo, Jason Randall, Fefe Cowan and Daniele Farren

*Engineering Design
1st – Christopher Guck, Neal Rangu, Rutvi Patel, Roshni Edalur, Arjun Peddireddy, and Daniel Bally

*Extemporaneous Speaking
1st – Trevor O'Connor
3rd – Hannah Brown

*Future Technology Teacher
2nd – Lucy Castillo
3rd – Roshni Edalur

*Manufacturing Prototype
3rd (Team) – Krisana Yuen, Trevor O'Connor, Alyson Roper, Robyn Roper and Soumya Donty

*On-Demand Video
3rd (Team) – Roshni Edalur, Naomi D' Arbell, Anthony Castillo, Shreya Patel, Jensen Gates and Stephanie Guck

*Prepared Presentation
1st – Hannah Brown

*Structural Engineering
5th (Team) – Heidy Soto and Jacob Posey

Systems Control
2nd (Team) – Arjun Peddireddy, Gus Williams and Conrad Deller

*Tech Bowl
4th (Team) – Neal Rangu, Aaron Brown and Heidy Soto