Culinary student awarded multiple scholarships

Thu Feb 4, 2016
Dunn is well on her way to a career in "haute cuisine" after being awarded three scholarships at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, Colorado.
"I'm so excited because it's been my dream to attend Johnson & Wales ever since they visited the school my freshman year," she said. "My dad wanted to go to there, but never got the chance after his service in the military and 4 daughters ... I really feel like I am pursuing my dad's dream as well as my own."

Johnson & Wales alumni includes such noted chefs and restaurateurs as Emeril Lagasse, Chris Santos, and Michelle Bernstein. Renowned chef and television personality Julia Child accepted an honorary doctorate from the college in 1995.

Dunn, who said she has been cooking "ever since I was six years old," expressed gratitude for the LHS Culinary Arts programs for providing the tools and training to pursue her dream.

"Even if you're not sure what you want to do, this program can make you so passionate about cooking," she said. "I have grown so much this year ... I even learned how to make solid soup! I didn't even know I could do that last year."

"This program really helps so much if you want to be a chef," Dunn added.

LHS Culinary Art teacher Chef Kevin Hill praised Dunn's work ethic and commitment to excellence.
"Kelsey is an amazing young lady. Her passion for the culinary arts coupled with a high work ethic really shows in her final products," he said. "She's about to start an exciting journey that will result in her setting the culinary world on fire."

What began in the early 2000s with a handful of students in the old home economics kitchen, today features state-of-the-art equipment and a café.

Longview ISD teaches upwards of 100 classes in more than a dozen career paths in addition to culinary arts  such as nursing, welding, and a host of others.

The programs are geared toward giving students real-world marketable skills that can translate seamlessly into higher education, as well as the workforce.