GLOBE Career Expo draws record turnout


GLOBE’s annual Career Expo saw another successful two days as over a thousand students were able to see what job opportunities are out there for them.

GLOBE Career Expo draws record turnout

Thu Jan 30, 2020

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GLOBE’s annual Career Expo saw another successful two days as over a thousand students were able to see what job opportunities are out there for them.

With over 50 different careers on display for them, juniors from 11 different Greater Longview Organization of Business and Education (GLOBE) schools in East Texas had lots to find out about.

“We want to make sure that our existing employers have a group of students who are learning about their types of careers so they can be employed when they finish their education as well as educate the students on the types of careers that are out there,” said Kelly Overby, who is a chairman of the GLOBE board and oversees the Career Expo. “You don’t know what you don’t know. There’s a lot of different types of jobs that the students just don’t know about and we want to make sure they’re informed.”

On January 29-30, students arrived at the Maude Cobb Activity Center during one of four sessions to learn. Longview High School has ten buses packed with students.

“I really appreciate the event, most notably because of the wide variety of businesses for students to explore,” said LHS Junior Dagmawit Worke. “I want to go into communications, but I wouldn’t necessarily have thought about Dollar General and the corporate side of it. I think that any job you go to, networking is important and I feel like this is one of the first steps that a high school can do for that.”

The presenters that were on hand ranged greatly in career fields. From Eastman to the Marine Corps to Mobberly, there was a wide selection for the students. One such presenter was Albert Chatman, a crew leader for the city of Longview.

“It’s pretty exciting to be here and see the future generation and some of their ambitions. Hopefully the city of Longview can really supply them the needs that they really need to move forward,” Chatman said. “We’re trying to give the students a snapshot of what Longview is all about.”

The GLOBE organization exists to improve the regional workforce by helping parents and students understand the maximum value of the Kindergarten through 12th grade experience.

“When GLOBE started in 1988, businesses and industries in our area were telling the schools that the children were not taking challenging enough courses and (the businesses) were having to do a lot of training. So GLOBE was formed,” said LHS Dean of Instruction Linda Buie who is also co-chair of the GLOBE board. “The organization is a consortium of business people and educators. They came together to create a program that would encourage students to take more rigorous classes.”

This goal led to the creation of the GLOBE Scholars program which has been adapted by the state as Texas Scholars. The program challenges students to apply themselves to a higher level and take more rigorous high school classes. Those who see it through to the end receive a GLOBE Scholar medallion on their graduation day.

A GLOBE Scholar and now co-chair of the board, Cody Bailey is proof that the organization’s goal has succeeded.

“I was a Texas Scholar; I was a GLOBE Scholar. I went through the program as a Longview High School student,” Bailey said. “Not only did I participate in some of the events that they offer, but now I’m on the other end of it, providing the services to the students.”

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