LISD releases 'Snapshot Day' numbers for UIL

Longview High School has certified 2,186.5 students for the UIL's biennial "Snapshot Day" realignment report.

LISD releases 'Snapshot Day' numbers for UIL

Fri Oct 25, 2019

Longview High School has certified 2,186.5 students for the UIL's biennial "Snapshot Day" realignment report.

The numbers are used by combining 2,094 full-time Longview High students, 29 part-time LHS students (which are calculated as 14.5 students), and 78 Early Graduation High School students.

According to UIL policy, students attending school less than full-time, students receiving less than four hours of instruction per day, "shall be counted as a half (.5) student each."

While the overall total of 8,541 students is slightly up from the 8,531 students reported at the end of the 2018-19 school year in June, Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox said the administration "does not put much stock" in the changes.

"There's always some variation in these [enrollment numbers] from week-to-week and year-to-year, but it's not something we're concerned about," he said. "Some years we're up, some years we're down."

Wilcox added that the greater Longview area itself "is continuing to grow as a community."

"Longview ISD will continue to grow with it, that much is certain," he said. "Our focus is on continuing to provide the best educational opportunities for all the students of Longview."

Districts are required to mark enrollment data on Snapshot Day — the last Friday of October — and report it to the TEA by December. The data is collected for several reasons, including to determine funding from the state, the biennial UIL realignment, and accountability ratings.

Current enrollment numbers for the rest of Longview ISD campuses are as follows:

  • East Texas Montessori Prep Academy: 1,108
  • Foster Middle: 778
  • Hudson PEP Elementary: 596
  • Judson Middle: 555
  • Johnston-McQueen Elementary: 543
  • Everhart Elementary: 509
  • Forest Park Middle: 505
  • Ware Elementary: 481
  • Bramlette Elementary: 452
  • Ned E. Williams Elementary: 428
  • South Ward Elementary: 302
  • Dade Center: 14