For the fourth-straight year Foster Middle School students have advanced to the Technology Student Association nationals.

Foster earns fourth-straight trip to TSA nationals

Thu Apr 19, 2018

For the fourth-straight year Foster Middle School students have advanced to the Technology Student Association nationals.

Gowri Rangu was also chosen as part of the Texas TSA Leadership Team.

During the state competition in Fort Worth on April 14-15, Foster's TSA group finished with seven 1st place awards, five 2nd place awards, two 3rd place awards, and six 4th place awards to finish 3rd place overall in winning the following team and individual events:

1st Place Chapter Team: Gowri Rangu, Matthew Guck, Rachna Edalur, Neha Nirmal, Tibo Ihionkhan, and Nitya Jagarlamudi
1st Place Technology Bowl: Rachna Edalur, Matthew Guck, and Aditya Jagarlamudi
1st Place Electrical Applications: Nitya Jagarlamudi and Iniabasi Ekpenyong
1st Place Coding: Aditya Jagarlamudi and Gowri Rangu
1st Place Prepared Presentation: Gowri Rangu
1st place Graphic Solutions: Rachna Edalur
1st Place CAD: Iniabasi Ekpenyong
2nd Place Leadership Strategies: Gowri Rangu, Tibo Ihionkhan, and Rachna Edalur
2nd Place Graphic Solutions: Brayden Strong, and Matthew Guck
2nd Place Promotional Marketing: Rachna Edalur
2nd Place Technology Written Test: Neha Nirmal
2nd Place Career Prep: Rylee Camp
3rd place Challenging Technology issues: Anthony Holyfield and Mason Lamaster
3rd Place Graphic Solutions: Iniabasi Ekpenyong

These students will go on to compete next month at the TSA Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia.

Other events finalists include:

4th Place Biotech: Nitya Jagarlamudi, Aditya Jagarlamudi, Matthew Guck, Rachna Edalur, Luke Spence, and Anthony Holyfield
4th Place Off the Grid: Neha Nirmal, Tibo Ihionkhan, Matthew Guck, and Rachna Edalur
4th Place Graphic Solutions: Gowri Rangu, Mason Lamaster, and Nitya Jagarlamudi
4th Place Structural Challenge: Luke Spence and Itoro Ekpenyong
4th Place Mass Production: Henry Lattin and Jonathan Lebanan
4th Place Forensic: Anthony Holyfield and Mason Lamaster
5th Place Video Game: Brayden Strong, Mason Lamaster, Harrison Taylor, Safin Chowdhury, Iniabasi Ekpenyong, and Itoro Ekpenyong
5th Place Graphic Solutions: Aditya Jagarlamudi
6th Place Problem Solving: Dylan Gonzalez and Hibah Khan
6th Place Prepared Presentation: Divya Nirmal
8th Place Children's Story: Rachna Edalur, Dylan Gonzalez, Matthew Guck, Namita Reddy, Divya Nirmal, and Iniabasi Ekpenyong

For more information please call Foster Middle School at (903) 446-2710.