Foundation honors 2017 Lamplighter winners

The Longview ISD Foundation presented 14 winners of Lamplighter Awards during Thursday night's banquet at Pinecrest Country Club.

Foundation honors 2017 Lamplighter winners

Thu Apr 6, 2017

The Longview ISD Foundation presented 14 winners of Lamplighter Awards during Thursday night's banquet at Pinecrest Country Club.

Fifth, eighth, and tweflth grade students nominated educators who inspired them by writing essays describing their experiences with the teachers. In February the foundation selected the following LISD staffers based on those essays. 

The Lamplighter honorees are:

Bramlette Elementary: Shandra Spady honored by Fatima Traore

"Mrs. Spady always explained her lessons to the fullest and never even left out one detail," Fatima said. Mrs. Spady also helped me out when I was feeling down; some days when I came to school, I would just want to bundle up and cry."

J. L. Everhart Elementary: Amy Streetman honored by Hector Rodriguez

"Mrs. Streetman has changed me in a way that no other teacher has changed my behavior," Hector said. "She taught me right from wrong. More than anything, she has taught me how to be a better student and a better person."

Hudson PEP Elementary: Constance Massey honored by Maggie Mayes

"Ms. Massey is a spectacular lady who just wants to teach kids to love learning and watch them have fun while doing so," Maggie said. "She is the Queen of Fun!"

Johnston-McQueen Elementary: Shelia Faulks honored by Demontrez Simmons

South Ward Elementary: Everardo Delmas honored by Yadira Torres

Ware Elementary: Kendra Collins honored by Farah Woods

"Ms. Collins has high expectations for all of her students, and she really inspired me to do better than what I thought my best was," Farah said. Once I achieved it, she continued to encourage me to learn more and do more."

Ned E. Williams Elementary: Dionne Williams honored by Trevon Thompson

Forest Park Middle: Kamala Weaver honored by Julisa Vazquez

Foster Middle: Christi Shobert honored by Averie Shobert

Judson Middle: Sharon Fowler honored by Emily Tran

Early Graduation High: Barry Thompson honored by Salomua Tavita

Longview High: Sharon Rettig honored by Khadejah Colbert; Pam Mercer McWilliams honored by Abby Jester; and Kendra Bush Collins, former fourth grade teacher at Jodie McClure Elementary School, honored by Dianna Soto

The Longview ISD Foundation also awarded the fifteenth annual Cornerstone Award to Holly Forbes and Shelly and Jason Butler of Forbes and Butler Visual Communications for their support of the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. They have helped the Foundation hold the annual "Green Out" event and make it a success.

All proceeds from this event are used to fund the Foundation’s annual Great Rewards for Great Ideas Grant Program and annual Campus Initiative Grant Program.