Longview High 2017 dual-credit graduate Doug Noe has the student certification for ASE and will be taking his adult ASE certification to become a ASE Master. 

2017 grad ready to take skills to next level

Tue Aug 8, 2017

The automotive industry is not what it was 20, 10, and even five years ago. Some say mechanics of this generation are more like computer technicians than the previous generations of auto specialists. Certifications like the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) are critical for employment.

So what does that mean for our up and coming automotive technicians?

The earlier you can start, the better chance you will have of creating a long, sustainable career for yourself. That is exactly what CTE and dual-credit 2017 LHS graduate, Doug Noe did.

Noe’s love for cars goes back to his childhood when he started helping his dad work on lawn mowers.

“My dad worked at a shop and they were nice enough to let me come and watch so I could learn,” he said. “My dad would take a part what needed to be fixed and let me help him. After that, I wanted to learn more so it was on to cars.”

Noe didn’t think of his love for cars as a career option until his junior year at Longview High School when he discovered the dual credit program. Once he passed his certification test, he knew it was the direction he needed to go in. He even purchased an old truck to work on with his dad. It spent much of last school year sitting in the LHS Auto Shop for some of the students to help with.

Noe has the student certification for ASE and will be taking his adult ASE certification to become a ASE Master. He says working on cars and studying for his master certification keeps him “out of trouble.” Instead of doing something he is not supposed to, he said he had a purpose. He has also been a leader for the Automotive Competition team. They placed in various SkillsUSA contests this year and placed in the top 5 teams in Texas.

Paul Bouis, Automotive teacher at Longview High School, says Noe is a great student and leader.

“Anything you ask of Doug, he will take care of.” Bous also said Noe is a great spokesperson for their automotive team.

He has a plan in place for his next steps after graduation. Noe is currently employed with Patterson Nissan and has been going there after school to jumpstart those next steps. He plans on becoming a Nissan Master Technician and wants to pursue a degree.