After sweeping the Texas Technology Student Association's state meet held last week in Waco, 16 Longview High School students have advanced to nationals.

Lobos shine in state tech meet, advance to Nationals

Tue Apr 11, 2017

After sweeping the Texas Technology Student Association's state meet held last week in Waco, 16 Longview High School students have advanced to nationals.

National Qualifiers are seniors Aaron Brown, Anthony Castillo, Naomi D’Arbell, Chris Guck, Alex Lammers, Rutvi Patel, and Jason Randall; juniors Levi Grant and Stephanie Guck; sophomores Surya Donty, Ejehi Ihionkhan, Brady Miller, and Payton Schaap; freshmen Bobby Hough, Hyndavi Jatavallabhula, and Carly Snyder.

Two students campaigned for a state TSA officer position and were elected. LHS junior Payton Schaap was elected TSA State Vice-President, and junior Brady Miller was tapped for TSA State Treasurer.

The LHS organization is run under the guidance of Career Technology instructor Charles Mosley, who said he was delighted with the results and looks forward to the national meet June 21-25 in Orlando, Florida.

"We're relieved to be past the hurdle of State competition, but now we're gearing up for Nationals," he said. "It's going to be exciting."

Longview dominated in both team and individual events, with numerous top 10 finishes in a variety of events.

Gold medalists in team events include:
1st Place in Chapter Team (Parliamentary Procedure Team): Ejehi Ihionkhan, Carly Snyder, Stephanie Guck, Hyndavi Jatavallabhula, Brady Miller, Levi Grant, Bobby Hough, Payton Schaap
1st Place in Technology Bowl: Surya Donty, Jason Randall, Aaron Brown
1st Place in Engineering Design: Naomi D’Arbell, Chris Guck, Rutvi Patel, Anthony Castillo, Alex Lammers

Gold medalists in individual events include Stephanie Guck who earned top honors in Extemporaneous Presentation and Photographic Technology.

These students will go on to compete from June 21-25 at the TSA Nationals in Orlando, Florida.

Other event finalists include:
1st Place in Graphic Solutions (Manufacturing Design): Chris Guck
1st Place in Information Technology: Gregg Boudreau
1st Place in Manufacturing (Turning Projects/Lathe): Samantha Taylor (Wood Pen/Pencil Set)
2nd Place in Team Digital Video Production: Naomi D’Arbell, Chris Guck, Rutvi Patel, Anthony Castillo, Alex Lammers
2nd Place in Extemporaneous Presentation: Payton Schaap
2nd Place in Computer Skills (Multimedia Presentation): Kyra Turner
2nd Place in Graphic Solutions (Bio-Technology): Rutvi Patel
3rd Place in Graphic Solutions (Bio-Technology): Meredith Wright
3rd Place in Manufacturing (Turning Projects/Lathe): Matthew Reed (Acrylic Pen)
4th Place in Team System Control Technology: Samantha Taylor, Jason Randall, Fabio Ventura
4th Place in Manufacturing (Turning Projects/Lathe): Natalie Serrato (Wood Pen/Pencil)
4th Place in Graphic Solutions (Engineering and Design): Sam Pistone
4th Place in Computer Skills (Graphic Design, Artistic): Samantha Taylor
5th Place in Essays on Technology: Rutvi Patel
5th Place in Graphic Solutions (Manufacturing Design): Matthew Reed
6th Place in Team Scientific Visualization: Samantha Taylor, Natalie Serrato, Kathryn Roper, Amanda Dominguez
6th Place in Extemporaneous Presentation: Ejehi Ihionkhan
6th Place in STEM Careers: Carly Snyder
6th Place in Essays on Technology: Naomi D’Arbell
6th Place in Flight Endurance: Matthew Reed
7th Place in Prepared Presentation: Hyndavi Jatavallabhula
8th Place in Team Children's Stories: Emma Clark, Kyra Turner, Justin Melendez, Maria Quintero, Diana Hernandez, Ramon Williams
8th Place in Team Engineering Design: Gregg Boudreau, Sury Donty, Hyndavi Jatavallabhula, Bobby Hough, Daivik Lakkadi
10th Place in Team Fashion Design: Emma Clark, Meredith Wright, Ejehi Ihionkhan, Carly Snyder
10th Place in Team On Demand Video: Stephanie Guck, Jason Randall, Kyra Turner, Alex Lammers, Anthony Castillo, Diana Hernandez

The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox described TSA as "one of the most important academic technology programs in our district," praising TSA instructor Charles Mosley, as well as "the many parents who volunteer so much of their time and energy to making this program such a success."

Wilcox said the overall performance of the entire team was impressive, both from the upperclassmen to the younger students.

"Our seniors doing well is no surprise, they are experienced, hard-working, and have been excelling in this competition for some time. It's also great to see so many juniors, sophomores, and freshmen stepping up and excelling," he said. "Considering how many middle school students we have excelling as well, it's safe to say that the future is bright for TSA achievement at Longview ISD."