Board honors middle school 'Duke scholars'

The Longview Independent School District Board of Trustees recognized 21 middle school honorees as "Duke Scholars," during their regular meeting Monday, Sept. 14th.

Board honors middle school 'Duke scholars'

Mon Oct 12, 2020

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The Longview Independent School District Board of Trustees recognized 21 middle school honorees as "Duke Scholars," during their regular meeting Monday, Sept. 14th.

Students from Foster and Judson middle schools earned state recognition for their scores on college entrance exams. These students are among the top 25 percent of Duke University’s annual 16-state talent search.

Not only that, but Longview ISD Director of Instruction Mrs. Beth Bassett said four students also received national recognition.

"Basically what that means is these middle school students scored better than 90 percent of college-bound juniors and seniors taking the SAT or ACT tests," she said. "That's really quite remarkable."

2020 Duke Identification Program scholars earning Grand Recognition are James Angus, Taylen Johnson, Mason Lundy, and Jacky Wang.

Longview ISD students earning State Recognition are: Bly Caraway, Grant Carlile, Benji Cox, Bao Dang, Diego D'Arbell, Samuel Felipe, Riley Gonzalez, Juan Gurrola, Kennedy Hatcher, William Hilton, Avery Lambright, Jackson Land, Carlisle Land, Julz Norman, Madison Sandoval, Addison Soape, and Lanie Weber.

The Duke University Talent Identification Program is a nonprofit organization that helps academically talented students access the extent of their abilities by allowing above grade level testing and recognition of their achievements. The program’s seventh-grade talent search is the entry point for the program’s resources.

Students can qualify by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on state testing or scoring at least 125 on an IQ test. 

Bassett said more than 100 students from the three LISD middle schools qualified to take the test based on their performance on the STAAR test. 

Of that total number, approximately 40 enrolled to take either the SAT or ACT, the same tests that college bound high schoolers take.

"The results are not about getting into college but about evaluating academic potential," she added.

Recognition is determined by the scores on the college entrance tests and include State and Grand Recognition.

Bassett said the program "identifies and supports academically talented students."

"Students identified to participate in the TIP complete either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT Assessment college entrance examination," she said. "The goal of the program is to assist young people with excellent mathematical or verbal aptitudes by providing comparative information concerning their academic abilities and resources for unique educational opportunities."

Bassett said some options to be considered for these students include enrolling in an advanced or honors level course, conducting in-depth independent study in the area of strength, and participating in accelerated and/or enrichment programs during the summer. 

Elections Agreement

Board members also approved a revised interlocal agreement with the Gregg County Elections Office for the rental of equipment and software support.

Gregg County and Longview ISD will conduct a joint election on Nov. 3rd following the proclamation issued from Gov. Greg Abbott on March 18th.

Dennis Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Services, said the revised agreement with the Gregg County Elections Office allows for cost efficiency by renting the electronic voting equipment and associated software.

"Gregg County Elections Office will also be responsible for the counting of paper mail ballots," he said

Estimated cost of the contract is $3,735.12, but Williams added that "there may be changes made to the contract closer to election date."

Terms for Place 2 trustee Ava Welge and Place 4 trustee Ginia Northcutt are expiring, with both members planning to run for re-election.

Mrs. Northcutt drew no opponent, but local attorney Brett Miller has filed to run against Mrs. Welge in Place 2.

Trustees are elected to serve three-year terms.

Early voting by personal appearance will be from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Oct. 13-30 at the Longview Community Center, Greggton Community Center, Elderville Community Center, Stamper Park Resource Center, and Broughton Recreation Center.

Click here to download the resolution and related documentation.

New truck for Ag program

Board members also approved the purchase of a 2020 Chevrolet Truck for $49,712.90 from Peters Chevrolet of Longview, with another $2,000 for the addition of a gooseneck hitch and a bed liner. 

The vehicle will be used by the high school Career and Technical Education (CATE) department. 

Mr. Gary Krueger, CATE Director for Longview High, said "the current truck we have is a 2009 model, with 159,226 miles on it [...] at this time we do not feel it is a dependable vehicle to transport students and livestock."

Click here to download the resolution and related documentation.

In other business...

During the course of the meeting, the LISD Board of Trustees also approved: a donation of $26,828 from Hudson Pep Elementary to purchase 31 Dell monitors for all classrooms; Time Use Tracker for the Sept. 14th Regular Meeting; the 2019-20 4th Quarter Investment Report; additional District Appraisers for 2020-21; and Budget Amendment No. 2

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Trustees usually meet in the boardroom of the LISD Education Support Center (1301 E. Young Street), but often set special-called meetings at various locations around the district.

The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 9th.

Due to public health protocols currently in place, anyone wishing to attend the meeting in person must abide by COVID-19 guidelines, as only limited seating capacity is available. The meeting will be streamed online at

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