Top LISD teachers to receive big pay boost


Longview ISD teachers can make up to $32,000 more per year under the new state program.

Top LISD teachers to receive big pay boost

Thu Aug 27, 2020


An elite group of Longview ISD educators are about to receive a significant increase to their paycheck, thanks to a new state program that rewards high-achieving teachers for classroom excellence.

Longview ISD teachers can make up to $32,000 more per year under the new state program.

House Bill 3 passed by the Texas Legislature created the Teacher Incentive Allotment program with the primary goal of ensuring that the state’s top teachers have a realistic pathway to a $100,000 annual salary.

The official designations are Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. Once earned, these designations remain valid for a period of five years from issuance.

Fifty-four Longview ISD teachers received designations, spanning eleven campuses, and earning allotments totaling over $650,000.

Designees will receive the first round of bonus payments in their December paycheck.

Mr. John York, LISD director of elementary education, explained that the Teacher Incentive Allotment is fully funded by the Texas Education Agency.

"The exact amount of funding per teacher is determined by a formula that takes into account the level of socioeconomic need at the campus," he said. "Funding for Recognized designations ranges from $3,000 to $9,000; Exemplary designations range from $6,000 to $18,000; and Master designations range from $12,000 to $32,000 per year."

Mr. York said the TEA sets performance and validity standards for teacher designations to help ensure a possibility that all teachers could earn a designation, and they also approve the district designation systems while monitoring for quality and equity.

Longview ISD joins the ranks of only twenty-six other districts across the state receiving system approvals in the first round of Cohort A applicants.

Mr. York said one of the main purposes of this program is to help school districts across the state "attract and keep our most effective educators in the classrooms at our most challenging campuses."

"Recruiting and retaining highly effective teachers is a major commitment at Longview ISD," he added.

LISD Superintendent Dr. James Wilcox agreed.

"We have teachers who are going above and beyond to help our students overcome incredible challenges, so it only makes sense for us to find a way to help reward their abilities as educators," he said. "We want our teachers to know that the board and administration is always going to do everything we can to show how much they are valued at Longview ISD."

For more information about the Teacher Incentive Allotment program at Longview ISD, please contact Mr. John York at 903-381-2200.