Board approves course guide, grant application


Longview Independent School District trustees approved new guidelines for course selection and campus security during their regular meeting Monday, May 11th.

Board approves course guide, grant application

Mon May 11, 2020

Longview Independent School District trustees approved new guidelines for course selection and campus security during their regular meeting Monday, May 11th.


Course Selection Guide

Board members approved the 2020-21 Course Selection Guide for Longview High School.

Each year the LHS Course Selection Guide is updated by the LHS staff and presented for approval. In preparation for scheduling for the upcoming year, courses are added or deleted as student needs are considered.

"Change is constant," said LHS Principal James Brewer, "And various programs are added in an attempt to benefit students, in addition to regular changes reflected in the Course Selection Guide."

"Other considerations, such as a need for dual credit courses and other college credit opportunities, have been studied," he said. "We want to prepare students for the future whether it is higher education or the work force. The Course Selection Guide offers a myriad of courses to meet the needs of students and provide them with choices in their fields of interest."

You can download the 2020-21 Longview High School Course Selection Guide here.

Grant Application

Board members approved a Grant Application for the Federal Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP).

"In order to apply for additional MSAP grant funding available in October, the Board must pass a resolution approving an additional Voluntary Desegregation Plan," said Dr. Craig Coleman, LISD Chief Innovation Officer.

Dr. Coleman said the purpose of this plan is to provide all students served in Longview Independent School District the opportunity to learn in a desegregated environment.

This plan proposes to:

•  Provide instruction and experiences that foster understanding and that integrate students of different backgrounds together;
•  Remedy the separation of Hispanic students in one or more schools within the district;
•  Prevent, reduce or eliminate social, racial, ethnic, or economic isolation;
•  Reverse a trend of declining enrollment that leads to minority isolation;
•  Ensure equal educational opportunity and access for all students; and
•  Foster student integration and diversity.

Dr. Coleman said the District will annually monitor and assess the effectiveness of its efforts to balance diversity at all sites and efforts to avoid minority group isolation. This will include an analysis of the percentage of socio-economically disadvantaged students at each school, the number of new applications to the magnet schools each year, the percentage of minority/non-minority students at each school, the percentage of English Language Learners at each school, the effectiveness of the district's choice programs, and the effectiveness of LISD's magnet schools

"We'll continue to collect and maintain data necessary for such analysis and will take any necessary corrective action through race-neutral outreach and recruitment," he said.

For more information download the documentation here:
Voluntary Desegration Plan for MSAP
Resolution for MSAP application 

Safety Plans

Board members approved the district's Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan.

The Texas Education Code (TEC) requires school districts to provide a comprehensive plan under TEC §37.108(c) to both the school board and the Texas School Safety Center.

Dennis Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Services, said the plan embraces school-centered emergency management strategic and operational processes before, during, and after an emergency.

"It helps outline the responsibilities and duties of Longview ISD and its employees," he said. "Developing, maintaining, and exercising the plan empowers employees to act quickly and knowledgeably."

Williams said the plan educates staff, faculty, students, and other key stakeholders about their roles and responsibilities before, during, and after an incident.

"This plan also provides parents and other members of the community with assurances that the district has established guidelines and guidance to respond to incidents or hazards in an effective and efficient way," he said.

You can download the LISD Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan here.

Safety Audit

Board members approved the District Safety and Security Audit Report.

The audit consisted of the following:

•  Assurances that mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery and shelter in place were addressed in each plan;
•  Evaluation of plans and implementation of strategies to address any weaknesses;
•  Additional Employee training (see Longview ISD’s Safety Focus for 2020-21);
•  Review and update of all district and campus emergency plans;
•  Mandatory School drills to prepare students and employees;
•  Measures to ensure coordination with local agencies;
•  Severe weather audit, training and drills;
•  District Safety Team Members;
•  Self Audits by each campus; and
•  Audits on each campus.

Another audit will be required in 2023 as required by TEC §37.108(b).

You can download the LISD Safety and Security Audit Report here.

New Textbooks

Board members approved the purchase of new textbook materials for Longview High School and Longview Early Graduation High School.

The textbook committee selected Houghton Mifflin Harcourt materials for the English Department. This includes textbooks for Longview High School, Longview Early Graduation, as well as Newcomers at LHS and Forest Park Middle School.

Horace Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Campus Accountability, said this order will include 9-12 Premium packages with workbooks in addition to the printed text. There will be digital copies available. All of these are renewable for 8 years at no additional cost.

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Trustees usually meet in the boardroom of the LISD Education Support Center, but often set special-called meetings at various locations around the district. The next regular meeting is tentatively scheduled for 6 p.m. June 8th.

Due to public health protocols currently in place, the public will not be admitted into the trustees' boardroom. The meeting will also be streamed online at

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