A new communications partnership looks to take Lobo Athletics to the next level.

Lobo Athletics to partner with 'Gameday'

Mon Apr 12, 2021

A new communications partnership looks to take Lobo Athletics to the next level.

Morgan-Smith-MUGLongview ISD has signed a marketing agreement with Longview Gameday, an East Texas-based sports multimedia organization owned and operated by Mr. Morgan Smith.

But what does this mean for Lobo Athletics?

"Significantly increased visibility for the many amazing Lobo athletes who walk the hallowed halls of Longview High," said Mr. Smith. "And a steady stream of dynamic multimedia presentations, partnerships with local TV stations, and featured coverage of ALL Lobo sports, focusing on the many hard-working athletes who make these programs renowned throughout the state and region!"

Coach John King, LISD Athletic Director, said the quality of Lobo athletes is second to none, but unfortunately Longview's smaller media market "sometimes makes it difficult for collegiate recruiters to have an accurate picture of how talented our players really are."

"I wouldn't trade our hard-working, tough Longview kids for any in the country," he said. "And history has shown that there's more than enough talent in Lobo Nation to make it to the collegiate and professional levels of multiple sports."

"We're looking forward to working with Longview Gameday in celebrating the many excellent student-athletes in our program, and help them get the exposure they need to pursue their ambitions at the next level."  

Longview-Gameday-brandingComing at no cost to LISD taxpayers, the agreement stands to provide top-notch coverage and publicity for ALL Lobo sports. 

Coverage will include Longview High School's award-winning marching band, cheerleaders, Viewettes, and Lobo student groups.

"That's a major priority for us," added Coach King. "There is so much that goes into the athletic experience at Longview ISD, from the students and staff, to sponsors and volunteers, and we want everyone to be a part of this."

Mr. Smith agreed, "that what makes Lobo Nation so unique: how much everyone pours into supporting the kids of Longview."

"We want to celebrate every aspect of the athletic experience, from everything that happens in the stadiums and on the field, to the hard work these athletes are doing in the classroom," said Smith.

Gameday currently operates in Texarkana and Rockwall, but Smith said "coming home to Longview was always the dream."

"To see my dreams expand into the town that I love truly is the ultimate dream come true," he said. "I can't wait to get back into Longview, and work hard at promoting these athletes in a way that they deserve."

For more information about Longview Gameday, please contact the LISD Community Relations department at ask@lisd.org or call 903-381-2200

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