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The Longview Independent School District offers students the opportunity to transfer within the Longview School District. Transfer applications can be obtained at the Educational Service Center (ESC) which is located at 1301 East Young Street or from the link listed below.
Majority-To-Minority transfers allow a student to transfer from one school to another and are approved under a desegregation concept. Under this concept, a student attending a school at which his or her race is the majority is permitted to transfer to another school where space is available and where the student’s race is in the minority.
No Child Left Behind Public School Choice transfers allow students who attend a Title One school that does not make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for three or more consecutive years, to transfer to another school within the district that has met AYP. A No Child Left Behind Public School Choice transfer is available only at the middle school level.
Applications for the next school year will be online the second Monday in January on this Web page.
To use the online Campus-to-Campus Online Transfer form, click on the link. 
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